Various thoughts about data science, software engineering, and building tools to help people with data.

4 tricks to be a more efficient data scientist

Since transitioning from an academic background to doing data science in industry to leading teams of data scientists, I’ve learned all manner of exciting things. I’ve also had many ☕️ chats (recently more virtual than in person)1 with people who want to get into data science who ask me what skills they need to join the field. There’s no dearth of pages, blog posts, etc. about all the skills that some people think are needed for a successful interview or career in data science. ...

Introducing {dittodb}

Today {dittodb} was released on CRAN. It is designed to make testing database connections easy, reliable, and even fun. There are already a number of packages that facilitate HTTP-based external services (eg {httptest}, {webmockr}), but there haven’t been good solutions for testing against databases. {dittodb} is designed to solve that: It works by recording (and editing if needed) database interactions as fixtures and then uses those fixtures for automated testing. ...